Why vote for Veronica Fernandez?

No one fights harder than a threatened mother and my family is under attack.

Over the past three years I have spent $91,132.00 on healthcare and that is with insurance. This year my premium increased by 10% and I am paying $2,203.41 per month for a family of three Silver plan. It has been a nightmare but what pushed me over the edge was my insurance carrier denying me a onetime $250.00 medication prescribed by my OBGYN to help with pain (non-narcotic) during a routine procedure. I completed the exam without the medication. I was in pain, disgusted and humiliated, but more than anything I was angry, very angry. This was by no means my only experience with the cruelty of healthcare in our country, but it was the turning point where I said enough is enough and I decided to fight back with all I have.


More about Veronica

I am 60 years old and have been married to my husband Mike, an electrician and Navy Veteran for 26 years. We have two young adult children. Prior to starting our small electrical contracting business in 2006, I was a NJ licensed Property Casualty Insurance Underwriter for 20 years. I worked for small independent agencies mostly as a customer service representative. I know how to work with people, especially people who are angry……you get that a lot in customer service.

“Think global, act local” has always been a favorite quote. In 2016, as my children were becoming more independent, I wanted to get involved in my community. I was appointed to my local Economic Sustainability Committee but when I decided to run as a Democrat for a volunteer position on our Township’s Committee, the Republican members did not renew my term. I believe if you want to participate and contribute to your town, your political affiliation should not matter. I ran in earnest for Township Committee for three years and lost every time, however, I came surprisingly close. I contribute that to an excellent campaign team and volunteers and I also stayed positive in speaking about my opponents, never attacking personally, only discussing issues. I kept my campaign clean.

During these past three years I spent thousands of hours going door to door and speaking with hundreds of Democrats, Republicans and Independents and found we do in fact agree on far more than we disagree and what we do disagree on we can resolve with civility and compromise. I changed my party affiliation to Independent, not because of Democrat or Republican values, but because I feel leadership of both parties are failing us with their addiction to special interest money and their refusal to work with each other for our common good. We constantly tell our children they cannot always get what they want and to treat each other with respect and we should practice these same principles as adults as well.

I have always been drawn to and am a member of bi-partisan and non-partisan groups. I love when we work together. Through these groups and my own research, I have learned that money in our campaigns is why we have so little movement on all our issues. Campaign finance reform is the single most important change we can make that will free our congress to work for us and that is the mission I have committed myself to and will get done.