There is too much money influencing our government.
We need to start passing laws that help people.

Campaign Finance Reform

The Problem

We all agree there are many issues. Healthcare accessibility and costs are crushing me, but for you it may be affordable quality childcare, taxes, environment, gun safety, tuition, discrimination or infrastructure. The list goes on and on and it is baffling to constantly hear that we are the richest county in the history of the world and yet most of us struggle and live paycheck to paycheck. How can that be?

Because most laws are not written to benefit people. They say money is the root of all evil and that is particularly true of our Congress. Whether there is 0% or 100% public support on any issue there is only a 30% chance of our Congress passing a law to address it. That is disturbing. Our Congress has become dependent on special interest donations and that affects what legislation is passed. Until we have campaign finance reform, we will have no effective movement on any issue.

The Solution

The answer is surprisingly simple: get the money out. With the money gone, our Congress members, regardless of party affiliation, will be free to compromise and work together to write laws that benefit the people who pay taxes and elected them into office.

That is what my campaign is all about. Campaign finance reform is THE ISSUE that is at the root of all issues. Currently, there are many national bi partisan and non partisan groups dedicated to this cause and they are doing good work. However, this is too important and needs to be fought from the top down as well. That is what I will do every single day I am in office. I want to restore hope about our future. We can be civil and respectful again. We all have good ideas and our representatives need to put our interests first.

Racial Justice and Police Reform

The struggle for racial justice in the United States is far from over. In 2020, both the health and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the Black community much harder than anyone else. In addition, the ongoing systemic racism of the United States justice system continues to take the lives of Black Americans while denying their right to due process.

Let me be perfectly clear: no innocent American life should be taken by the police. All lives deserve to be protected by the fundamental rights granted in the United States Constitution. This is why we must fight to end the systemic racism which plagues our police force. This is why we say Black Lives Matter.

As a United States Senator, I will take racial justice into account for every single issue. More importantly, I will listen to leaders from the Black community when writing and voting on legislation. Here is what I have learned from them:

  1. We must divest from the police and invest in the community. For decades, lawmakers from both parties have been diverting substantial amounts of money from public schools, public health, and other community programs. At the same time, police budgets have been skyrocketing. Taxpayers should not be paying billions of dollars every year for the government to incarcerate and murder their neighbors. I will fight for legislation that encourages state and local governments to decrease their police budgets and invest more in the community.

  2. We must legalize cannabis and expunge the records of all nonviolent drug offenders. The failed War on Drugs was built around a racist criminal justice system. As a result, our Black communities, poor communities, and communities of color have been devastated by the criminalization of cannabis. As a United States Senator, I will make it a priority to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use. I will also fight to ensure that any cannabis legislation includes provisions to invest and uplift in the very communities that prohibition has destroyed.

  3. We must abolish private prisons and end the school-to-prison pipeline. The privately-owned prison system in the United States exists to make profits by incarcerating people of color. This system must be replaced with a justice system that keeps people from entering prison in the first place. We can achieve this by investing in Medicare for All, affordable housing, and better-paying jobs so that nobody has to resort to crime to make a living.

Term Limits

Finally, something we all agree on. Nearly every study, survey and poll indicate overwhelming support for term limits in Congress. So why hasn’t this changed? It’s because the lawmakers in power want to stay right where they are. Nearly 25% of Congress have served 12 or more years, and even with historically low approval ratings, incumbents have a re-election rate of 90%. Campaign finance is largely responsible for this phenomenon. Through the financial backing of special interests and wealthy donors, many of our policy makers have been able to stay in office for decades. And despite public opinion, lawmakers are not likely to pass legislation limiting their own terms.

We face a daunting task, to be certain, but our country is due for a few changes to benefit “we the people,” and adopting a Constitutional Amendment that limits terms of lawmakers would be a great place to start.

This issue alone alone is responsible for so much of the gridlock and corruption in Washington. This is surely the most effective way to clean up Congress. We are divided over so many issues and problems; here is an opportunity for Americans to rally for a common cause and to restore some unity in our country. Imagine that!


New Jersey has the highest effective property tax rate in the country. The median property tax bill is in excess of $7,400.Can property taxes go down? I say yes. Not only can they go down, they can go down substantially, between 40-50% for many of us. In order to understand how, we first need to understand what is included in our property tax bills and where reductions can be made. School taxes are by far the highest portion for every town. Why is that? One of the most expensive items in the school budget is the cost of the health insurance premiums for school employees. Our local budgets include the private health insurance premiums of all of our public workers. No wonder our taxes are so high and so many residents are forced to leave.

I believe the solution to outrageous property taxes and an unjust health care system is Medicare for All. Under M4A you would pay a 4-6% tax on your adjusted gross income. You pay for yourself and your family, no more inflated public employee premiums. So with M4A, this savings on Worker’s Compensation would be realized in our local budgets, as well. Of course, there will always be people who need a safety net; most of us agree on that. Still, waste and abuse should not be tolerated in any system and must be rooted out.

Insurance companies netted billions in profit in 2019, but I am certain our taxes will be raised substantially when they come looking for increases to recoup losses from COVID-19. Some analysts are predicting a 40% increase in ACA (Obamacare) policies, and since we taxpayers subsidize 8 out of 10 policies, we will be picking up the tab for those losses as well.

Here is the bottom line: we are one of the highest taxed States in the nation, largely because of a wasteful health insurance system. But we don’t have to be. The solutions are within reach, and with your help and support, I intend to fight the big money and old politics in Washington!

Medicare for All

New Jersey has the most expensive public health care system in the nation. Some projections indicate that next year’s Affordable Care Act premiums could increase by 40%, most of which will be paid for by our tax dollars. We will also see soaring premium increases across the board as the insurance industry seeks to recoup losses due to COVID-19.

So will health insurance companies, which yielded net profits of 28 billion dollars just two years ago, increase the cost of healthcare when we need it most? Of course they will! While we are left to our own devices to get through the physical and financial devastation of COVID-19 you can be sure healthcare lobbyists will be working overtime in our congress to get as much subsidizing and deregulation as they can.

I want to be there when they show up wanting our taxpayer dollars. For years we have been denied treatments and prescriptions and I want to be the one to tell the insurance companies “NO” when they come demanding bailouts. They are dinosaurs and unnecessary middlemen with a choke hold on people and business. Their control of our congress and our healthcare needs should have been stopped a long time ago.

I believe the solution is Medicare for All. First, I believe healthcare is a human right, and secondly, it is the most fiscally responsible solution as indicated by numerous bi and non-partisan research and data.

Here in New Jersey many of us pay nearly half our income on healthcare, one way or another. Sometimes we are triple covered. We are paying for private health insurance premiums. We are paying for Worker’s Compensation. We are paying Personal Injury Protection (no-fault) through our personal auto insurance. Cost sharing for our hardworking public employees, including our teachers and first responders, continues to increase while their benefits are reduced year after year.

As a New Jersey licensed Property Casualty (including Health) underwriter for nearly twenty years, you can trust me when I say we are being ripped off. But many members of congress will tell you that we must keep private, employer-based insurance. Others will advocate for a public option. They all know that a single payer Medicare for All system is the best option for the American people, both financially and in actual care. But they continue to deny this because they rely on the profitable health insurance industry to support their reelection campaigns. Please press my opponents on their plans and policy proposals to fix this issue in our country. Be sure to ask how their solution will affect the taxes of New Jersey residents. M4A is the only solution that will provide better care and reduce taxes!

We have an opportunity to turn this around in 2020. I am the candidate who will do this. My family and I have been denied care while paying exorbitant premiums for years. I have a dog in this fight. I want better for you and for me, for my children and your children. I will work for you, not the lobbyists.

Don't believe me? Read the Lancet article

Reproductive and Sexual Healthcare

No one “likes” abortion and while I will always support a women’s right to choose, I believe the best approach for unwanted pregnancies should be proactive rather than reactive. As a young woman, my healthcare insurance did not provide for contraceptives so I went to Planned Parenthood for my birth control. It was affordable and kept me safe from unwanted pregnancies. I believe all citizens should have access to birth control and Medicare for All should include this valuable coverage along with STI treatment and contraceptives.

While I understand and respect different viewpoints on this issue, I want to be clear that as a US Senator, I will not vote to confirm any federal judges who will take away a woman’s right to abortion. I will also advocate for legislation that protects this right.