New Jersey has the most expensive public health care system in the nation. Some projections indicate that next year’s Affordable Care Act premiums could increase by 40%, most of which will be paid for by our tax dollars. We will also see soaring premium increases across the board as the insurance industry seeks to recoup billions in losses due to COVID-19.  So will health insurance companies, which yielded net profits of 28 billion dollars just two years ago, increase the cost of healthcare when we need it most?

You bet they will! I don’t expect them to be reaching into their savings to bail themselves out, like we have to. While we are left to our own devices to get through the physical and financial devastation of COVID-19 you can be sure healthcare lobbyists are already working overtime in our congress to get as much subsidizing and deregulation as they can.

I want to be there when they show up wanting our taxpayer dollars. For years we have been denied treatments and prescriptions and I want to be the one to tell the insurance companies “NO” when they come demanding bailouts. They are dinosaurs and unnecessary middlemen with a choke hold on people and business. Their control of our congress and our healthcare needs should have been stopped a long time ago.

I believe the solution is Medicare for All.

First, I believe healthcare is a human right, and secondly, it is the most fiscally responsible solution as indicated by numerous bi and non-partisan research and data.

Here in New Jersey many of us pay nearly half our income on healthcare, one way or another. Sometimes we are triple covered. We are paying for private health insurance premiums. NJ Employers are paying for Worker’s Compensation. We are paying Personal Injury Protection (no-fault) through our personal auto insurance. Cost sharing for our hardworking public employees, including our teachers and first responders, continues to increase while their benefits are reduced year after year.

As a New Jersey licensed Property Casualty (including Health) underwriter for nearly twenty years, you can trust me when I say we are being ripped off. But many members of congress will tell you that we must keep private, employer-based insurance. Others will advocate for a public option. They all know that a single payer Medicare for All system is the best option for the American people, both financially and in actual care. But they continue to deny this because they rely on the profitable health insurance industry to support their reelection campaigns. Please press my opponents on their plans and policy proposals to fix this issue in our country. Be sure to ask how their solution will affect the taxes of New Jersey residents. M4A is the only solution that will provide better care and reduce taxes!

Don't believe me? Read this article from the Lancet

We have an opportunity to turn this around in 2020. I am the candidate who will do this. My family and I have been denied care while paying exorbitant premiums for years. I have a dog in this fight. I want better for you and for me, for my children and your children. I will work for you, not the lobbyists.