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We are only a few hours away from the polls closing in NJ and I have mixed feelings. I knew from the beginning winning was a long shot for us, but I also know what we are running for was so worth the effort. Campaign finance reform might not sound like a big deal, but trust me, when you learn how Citizen's United has gutted the power of everyday citizens in our elections and laws and how it is at the direct root of ALL other issues, you understand that something must be done about it. During this campaign, I have met hundreds of people willing to support me, donate to me, volunteer for me, and keep me going when I was exhausted. There are no words good enough to express how grateful I am to everyone. I have a special thank you to Saif, Chloe, and Jake. Working with them gives me hope, because I learned our youth "get it" and they will make our state and country better. No matter how this shakes out, advancing the cause of campaign finance reform in any way already makes us winners. I feel proud.